Cooking Sauces

Cooking meals which are full of delicious flavours shouldn’t be a chore, which is why we have created our range of delicious and easy cooking sauces just for you to enjoy at home.  

Our range, which currently includes six simple- to-use cooking sauces, combines flavours we know and love. Try our easy Mediterranean inspired sauces which include our classic Tomato Sauce, our fiery Tomato and Chilli Sauce, and our peppy Spanish Tomato Sauce. Each is packed full of real tomatoes, as well as unique herbs, spices, and seasonings to give each sauce its own special flavour profile and individual characteristics.  

If you want to travel a little further from home, our quick cooking sauces also include two flavours from Asia – our spicy Jong Po Sauce, aka Chilli Beef Sauce, and our creamy Penang Curry Sauce.  

Finally, if you want to take a trip ‘across the pond’, why not give our Smoky BBQ sauce a go for all things American style.  

All our Taste Keejays of Suffolk sauces are additive and preservative free.  

The Taste Keejays of Suffolk range – which includes our Cooking Sauces and our Dips, Drizzles and Marinades – is inspired by our travels around the world. We’ve researched and brought back our favourite flavours for you to enjoy at home.  

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